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I didn't get any results!

If you searched for an NFT and didn't get any results check for lazy minting. On OpenSea, for example, see if the NFT listing has a "Last" price. This means it has actually been minted as an NFT and will be searchable on FNFTF.

OpenSea example of lazy minted NFT
OpenSea example of minted NFT
Lazy minted NFT
Actually minted NFT

What is lazy minting?

When an NFT has been listed with lazy minting it does not get added to the blockchain until it is purchased. We currently only index NFTs that have been added to the blockchain but we are investigating various approaches to index them even if they've been lazy minted.

I know my NFT is on chain and you still don't have it!

Another reason we might not return a result is if the NFT has been added to the blockchain very recently. The full version of Tovera Match indexes and updates in real time. The free version available on FNFTF is a few hours behind. Wait a few hours and check again!

Do you save the content I submit?

Absolutely not! That would be almost as sleazy as the fraud, theft, and forgery we detect and prevent.

If you don't save my content how does sharing my search work?

We anonymously store your search results for seven days. When you or someone else views a previous search the comparison image on the left is actually a copy of the result with the highest pixel match (you can tell because it has our watermark).

What files types do you support?

The free version of Tovera Match available on FNFTF supports virtually every image format in existence. This includes PNG, JPEG, BMP, WEBP, GIF, SVG, and more. Even animated versions if the format supports it. The full version of Tovera Match also supports video with audio coming soon!

What is Tovera Match?

Tovera Match is the Web3 content indexing, matching, and searching platform developed by Tovera. When you search on FNFTF the content is submitted to Tovera Match and we do our thing!

How does matching work?

When we search for your submitted image we compare what it looks like to our entire database of images. When we find identical or similar images you get results!

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